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پخش ویدیو
پخش ویدیو

About Us

Mado Leather was established in 2001 with the efforts of Ghafarzadeh brothers, with the aim of producing and supplying leather products in Tabriz (Iran’s leather center). The design with distinctive vision and use of high-quality materials in the products attracted the attention of the experts, activists, and customers in the field of the leather and shoes.

At the moment, Mado operates by producing various products and supplying more than 100 models of all kinds of leather products for men and women in the upper middle social class of the society.

Mado’s mission is to produce and supply leather products with excellent quality, beautiful and up-to-date design. We believe that leather products are somehow related to the human values. Therefore, we take inspiration from the nature of the leather with a different and creative look in the design of the products, and link them to the lifestyle of today’s modern society and beautiful fashions, by combining the art of artisan’s hands, the creativity of designer’s minds, advanced equipment and the world’s standards in the production of our products.

We are in a growing path in Mado and we owe it to the young, motivated and knowledge-oriented managers and the guidance of experienced consultants in the field of management, marketing and business strategies, and the use of experienced and capable experts and designers in the leather industry and relying on the efforts of valuable human capitals. And we are thinking of creating memorable and valuable experiences for our customers and beneficiaries, with many years of experience and knowledge.

Currently, this collection, by designing, producing and supplying beautiful, unique and at the same time durable products, as well as unparalleled after-sale services, has succeeded in increasing customer satisfaction and repeating purchases and increasing differentiation from the others, and is known as one of the best companies in the leather industry.

The general strategy of Mado is “Creative development of products with an emphasis on the promotion of the brand of the Mado, and value creation for customers and beneficiaries through the design and supply of beautiful, original and fashionable products by supplying high-quality raw materials, and utilization of expert and experienced human resources” leads to achieve the vision and goals of the collection. In this way, addition to observing the latest methods of the world in designing and producing, needed and desired by customers, we consider reasonable prices for the products that are appropriate to the social class of customers. Mado offers these products through the network, in addition to its extensive sales in Iran and cooperation with the most prestigious and prominent stores in the country. We aim to develop our distribution and sales method in the countries of the region.

We believe that Mado is on the way to create value for its genuine and loving customers by continuously improving and using new methods, creative ideas, digital and advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality, virtual reality, NFT, … in the design, production and supply of beautiful and luxurious products in a distinctive and different way. Mado will continue its growing course with strength and will open a new window on the lifestyle of its fans.



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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You can register your demand through Mado’s official website: www.mado.ir to order and access to the wholesale pricelist. Mado experts will contact you as soon as possible.

Yes, they all are from natural leather, including bags and shoes.

You can send your CV, or contact us through website: contact section.

You can do it through our website. You will get your order in 4 to 7 working

You can access all the information and photos by downloading the catalog.

You can contact the relevant officials in the factory through the contact numbers and register your order, or communicate through WhatsApp, Telegram, email, and official website of Mado: www.mado.ir, register and wait for the call of our experts.

To find out about the main prices of the products, first complete the information form, the price list of the products will be sent to you.

Please submit your request or suggestion after completing the information form. Our experts will review and be in contact with you as soon as possible.

our address

Factory Address: 1th door, Mokhtare Neighborhood, Before Ahar Road,

                             7th km of Tehran Road

                 Contact Number: 0098 41 3637 6816

Contact Information:

Tehran Office: Unit6, 2nd floor,

                            Tammadon Commercial Center

                           Ferdowsi Ave, Tehran,Iran

                            Postal code: 1131944769

Contact Numbers: 0098 21 6676 7416 – 0098 21 6676 9417


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